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Penington Cohousing

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We want to live in sustainable, well insulated homes built for Lifetime living, near good public transport links.

The basic vision of Penington CoHousing is a mutually supportive living arrangement for those over 55 years of age, who want to live in a more environmentally friendly way, in a community who share the values of mutual caring and sharing. The cohousing model allows for inclusive management meetings and communal meals, while each person or couple have their own home. To quote from the Elder Cohousing at Silver Sage, Boulder, Coloraldo USA, website, Senior cohousing is really retirememnt housing for those that don't want ever want to retire from living a meaningful and proactive life.

With the support of Glasgow City Council, Penington Cohousing has began the process of identifying and developing a cohousing site within Greater Glasgow, one of the first in Scotland. 

Offering an alternate model of communal living for up to 24 individuals and couples, this new build owner/occupier project promises a whole new approach to housing and independent living for older people. The plans follow established and successful senior cohousing schemes operating in Denmark, and aims to play a significant role in the emerging cohousing movement in Britain.

The project will be developed along established cohousing principles. It will provide up to 25 self contained homes clustered around a shared communal living space, and will be designed specifically with the needs of older residents in mind.

The members of the Penington CoHousing project will each have their own home, and also share a Common House where residents can enjoy communal meals and socializing.

Penington CoHousing's founding members are committed to cohousing's principles of social integration, shared aims and collective responsibility for the management and maintenance of the project. They regard cohousing as a highly attractive model of independent living, one which offers a real alternate to the social isolation suffered by so many of Britain's older people.

We plan to provide well-built, energy efficient and low maintenance homes designed specifically to cater for the needs of the residents as they get older. The site will be chosen to be within easy reach of public transport, and the buildings themselves designed to meet the needs of residents as they get older. They will be eco-friendly, with excellent insulation, meaning lower energy bills. Southside HA are looking into having a biomass boiler for the whole site.

The cohousing ethos means that we are committed to neighbourly care, and independent living into old age. The communal space allows us to spend time together, to share meals, activities and social life when we want to. But each of us will have our own individual, private home for those occasions when we simply want to spend time alone.

As well as through our website you can keep up to date with our activities via out Facebook page and on Twitter.

The focus is on finding a site and raising money. The group will have to work up a business plan and may have commissioned some feasibility studies. They may have their first experience of small scale contracts with professionals. This stage ends when a ‘definite’ site is found. There may be several iterations of this stage.
Southside Housing Association
Regular Events: 
Drop in cafe at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Cafe, 2nd Saturday of odd months, at 10:15am until 11:15am. i.e. March 12th, May 14th. Back of cafe to avoid noise from coffee machine. Leaflets and poster on or near table.
Any other comments: 
We have been offered a site on St Andrew's Drive, Pollockshields, Glasgow, by Southside HA. It is provisional on us achieving the needed numbers in membership by May 2016.
Materials and Documents: 
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