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Larkrise Cohousing, Herefordshire

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Since September 2011 we have been establishing a cohousing group in partnership with Herefordshire Housing. We have a beautiful rural site close to bus services and a local shop, where our cross-generational community will occupy approximately 20 dwellings – some owner-occupied and others rented.

We have submitted plans for Outline planning consent and hope to hear the outcome in September ’13.

Our aims are:

  • To establish an intentional community of social and environmental sustainability, one that encourages;
  • Conscious participation in community management.
  • Respect for our differences, celebration of our diversity and skills.
  • Natural materials throughout our buildings.
  • Landcare that nurtures diversity.

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This is the main project planning stage: acquiring the site, gaining planning permission, finding funding and tendering with a contractor. This stage concludes with signing off funding and moving on-site to start the construction works.
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