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Earth Heart Housing Co-operative

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Earth Heart Housing Co-operative is a co-housing community in a very quiet and beautiful part of rural Derbyshire, 5 miles outside Ashbourne and close to the Peak District National Park. Earth Heart owns the freehold of the Grade II listed converted farmhouse and barns. The east wing of the barns is partially converted to create a communal hall for meetings and gatherings, as well as workshop space and storage. We are as ecological as we can manage, having a communal wood pellet boiler for heating, a reed bed waste-water treatment system and using a green electricity company.

The surrounding 21 acres of organic land is managed primarily for nature conservation. There is a large pasture running down to Henmore Brook with a moat (an English Heritage scheduled ancient monument) and other small pastures (grazed with a local organic farmer’s sheep and cows). There is a small secluded wood, a community orchard and allotments, a willow labyrinth and dome.

Members of the community own 900+ year leases on the 8 individual homes and each home has private use of a small garden. The community was set up in 1997 around principles of natural parenting and home-education. We aim for a diverse group of people of a variety of ages, including singles, couples and families with children. Most people are employed off site but some work from home. We have the advantage of being able to enjoy our independent lives with privacy when we want it, whilst also living within a mutually supportive and sociable community. 

We have community work days once a month that include a business meeting, a shared lunch and a working afternoon. Other social events happen ad hoc through the year. Important decisions are taken by consensus and general management is carried out by land, maintenance, finance and administration teams. There is an expectation that everyone does a fair share and we understand that nothing gets done unless we all contribute. We expect people to participate regularly in co-op meetings but they are not compulsory.

We are not open to the public but offer guided walks and workshops for groups of 6 people or more. We also host various camps during the spring and summer and are happy to consider hosting new groups for camps.

Opportunities arise from time to time to buy, rent or lodge here. If you are interested in visiting with a view to going on our waiting list, do contact us for further details.


There is currently one property for sale:

Earth Heart Housing Co-operative

The Old Stables, £310,000, a 3-bedroom barn conversion in a beautiful courtyard of stone farm buildings. It is well insulated, double glazed, heated by communal wood pellet boiler, fully modernised and beautiful interior, with stunning views across the valley. Please email current owners for more details if you are interested or click here for more information.

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