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Durham Cohousing

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Cohousing Durham aims to set up and create mixed tenure affordable homes in a co-housing group that:

  • Is built on an infrastructure that offers mutual social support and establishes a co-operative living environment suitable for all ages
  • Makes a positive contribution to the surrounding locality through the sharing of ideas, skills and experience
  • Minimises negative environmental impact.

While working to achieve these aims, Cohousing Durham will hold each other to account in relation to the following values: flexibility, learning, development; respecting diversity; having shared goals; working with nature; having an ethical direction.

You can connect with Cohousing Durham on their Facebook page.

The focus is on finding a site and raising money. The group will have to work up a business plan and may have commissioned some feasibility studies. They may have their first experience of small scale contracts with professionals. This stage ends when a ‘definite’ site is found. There may be several iterations of this stage.
Regular Events: 
Regular meetings are held in the homes of members at 19:00 on the second and forth Tuesday of the month.

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