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Cohousing Woodside

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OUR VISION: To create a community that is sustainable, inclusive and diverse, where people participate, have their own space, share resources and are proud of and happy with where they live

Life in Cohousing Woodside will aim to:

  • be self governing
  • share decision making
  • maintain a balance between privacy and community

Our community will be:

  • welcoming
  • part of the Woodside Square community
  • part of a wider Muswell Hill community to which we want to contribute

We will:

  • maintain responsibility for ourselves
  • be open and transparent in our dealings
  • offer mutual respect and trust
  • co-operate for the greater good of the community
  • be tolerant and neighbourly
  • respect the planet, minimising our impact
  • meet our individual obligations to the group

Sales launch for Cohousing Woodside, Muswell Hill, London N10, from January 16th 2016. More members sought for one, two and three bedroom properties still available for purchase off-plan. Scheme due to complete December 2016.  See Development Plan

The new Woodside Square, in Muswell Hill, London N10, is close to Highgate Woods and the main town centres of Muswell Hill and Crouch End. Parking will be restricted and a car-share system will operate. We will have 30 dwellings with a common house and a shared garden+allotment. We have unreserved units in one, two and three bedroom categories. Purchase prices will reflect local market values, with an ‘early-bird’ discount up to July 2016, when prices may be reviewed anyway.  


Construction work is being carried out on-site through to building completion. This stage concludes when all outstanding permissions and development requirements are also complete, or at the stage when members can move in.
Hanover Housing Association and their joint venture partners Hill Residential
Regular Events: 
The full group meets each month in North London.

Cohousing Woodside August 2015 Update

Rachel Bollen

In August we organised a two day visioning workshop,.On one of the hottest weekends of the year it tested our commitment to the full. Like most groups in their development phase our regular monthly meetings are pretty much filled up with business matters, as well as welcoming and informing new people seeking to know if our cohousing scheme is right for them. There’s never enough time to chill and talk.

We organised the workshop as an opportunity to break out of the routine, meet each other in a different way and get talking.

Cohousing Woodside December Update

Rachel Bollen

Burgeoning interest in this scheme over recent months has meant that we have already reached a critical mass of two-thirds of our eventual prospective buyers. Nowadays, our own publicity seems to be not quite so vital, as we are finding that more and more people who have cottoned on to the term 'cohousing' proceed to google it to find where it is being done in London. So demand seems to be pretty high and our meetings are well attended by keen, interested people looking for community.