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Coastal Community Co-housing group

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Mission Statement


We believe our future is best served by being an inclusive, respectful, compassionate and cruelty-free group, seeking open dialogue and co-operation. We will work towards these sustainable values, to be the change we want to see, in the world.


Providing a safe space for people, to think global and act local, in solidarity, whilst having fun with friends. We communicate and connect in community activities, shared work and business, in an atmosphere of honesty, openness, freedom and liberty.


In South West England, in a rural yet accessible location. It’s going to be an affordable mix of private and shared space, seeking to provide a clean chemical-free and healthy environment for people and animals.  Welcome, to a truly healing and therapeutic place to live.

During this stage, the group starts to develop its infrastructure. It has a name, probably a website, regular meetings and individuals have roles. This stage ends with formal constitution of some kind and the group now has a formal identity.
Non as yet
Think global, act local: living together in community sharing activities, work and business.
Regular Events: 
Wednesday evening Skype sessions from 8pm. Regular meet-ups, usually Saturdays
Contact Details: Tel: 07906 340803
Any other comments: 
We are looking for 1 or 2 new vegetarian/vegan group members.

There is no content in this group.