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On The Brink Co-Housing Community Interest Company

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Our vision is to establish an Interntional Cohousing Community in Nether Edge, Sheffield by developing and fostering a living environment in which members have their own individual living space. There will be communal spaces for the sharing of cooking, eating, gardening, meeting, relaxing and having fun together as well as sharing with the wider community in a variety of ways. We are developing a social and socially sustainable community which is intergenerational and based on companionship, ecological awareness and mutual respect for each other in all our diversity. We will use clear decision making and conflict resolution guidelines to promote tolerance, safety, respect, trust cooperation, good communication and social cohesion.

We are creating a space which will provide opportunities for the sharing of resources, work, mutual care, creativity leisure and recreation and the development and promotion of abilities and strengths.

We intend to refurbish and build and subsequently use resources, in as ecologically sustainable way as is possible.

We intend to create a community which can be a model for other cohousing groups and to engage with the wider community in promoting ideas of community and sustainability.

We intend to grow plants for food and decoration, caring for and sustainably managing the natural environment.

We have begun to have a lot of fun, and to enjoy, learn from and share expertise and skills with each other.


You can connect with On the Brink via their Facebook page.

This is the main project planning stage: acquiring the site, gaining planning permission, finding funding and tendering with a contractor. This stage concludes with signing off funding and moving on-site to start the construction works.
Regular Events: 
OTB is continuing to meet on a monthly/ six weekly basis. Members of the group are actively engaged in seeking new sites and are part of the Sheffield co-housing strategic meetings with citywide partners including Sheffield City Council.
Local Publicity: 
We intend to create regular opportunities to share our experiences with others and to come together with our neighbours and the local community.

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