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Bradford Cohousing

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We are a mixed-age group seeking to set up a co-housing community where we can live co-operatively and in an environmentally friendly way. We plan to have around 20 individual and family sized dwellings, with communal space where we can share activities and resources.

Our co-housing vision:

  • Diverse, intergenerational,
  • Sharing resources / meals communally, doing activities together such as gardening,
  • Mutually supportive,
  • Environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint, eco and economical,
  • Actively managed, decisions made through consensus process.

Visit our facebook page Bradford Area Cohousing for up to date information.

A few people have got together and started to talk about the idea. The group is fluid, informal and meets irregularly, no name, no identifier
Regular Events: 
We have fortnightly core group meetings, fortnightly sub group meetings and fortnightly socials which are open to anyone interested. Please see our facebook page for information. Twice a year we have a weekend focusing on our project doing training, in Spring and late summer.

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