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Revenue Funding

Project Feasibility Funding Sources



What can apply for


Power to Change

Currently open for applications. Cohousing groups should check the eligibility criteria carefully.

Community Right to Build Prefeasibility and Project Support Grant

If a development will need planning permission could apply for pre-feasibility up to £10k. Pays for package professional services/legal costs etc not for example project management/officer type revenue costs.

  • Pre-feasibility grant - to assess the feasibility of a community-led housing project prior to submitting a Community Right to Build Order or a traditional planning application; between £1,000 and £10,000
  • Project Support grant - to pay for the help you need to progress your community-led housing project to the point of submitting a Community Right to Build Order or a traditional planning application; between £5,000 and £40,000

Planning permission. Opened for applications in April 2014.

Community Land Trust Fund

Pre-feasibility and Technical Assistance Funding to help CLT’s get started. First stage is a one day ‘diagnostic assessment with a CLT advisor. Second stage Technical Assistance Fund of around £4,000 external professional assistance.

Only relevant if planning to incorporate a CLT model.

Locality: Early Stage Support Programme Funding

Funded by the Nationwide Foundation, this is a programme to help community groups in England in the critical early stages of their project. It provides help with everything from choosing a legal structure to funding guidance.

Two year programme starting in 2016

Other sources to check out include:

In time we hope to capture all of the main feasibility and revenue sources available. Please send information on sources that you are aware of that are not listed here.

We recommend researching local and regional sources of grant fund and investment streams for community assets, community and voluntary sector support, cooperative development and community energy, health and ageing funding. Signing up to your local CVS newsletters should help you identify these funding sources.

When talking to enabling partners, such as local authorities and housing associations think about requests for non cash support in for example, the time of a named officer to hep facilitate and support development proposals or other such pro-bono services.